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FAQ About Bail Bonds

San Fernando Valley Bail Bonds

Having to obtain a bail bond for your loved one is one of the most unexpected events. A person never plans for the use of a San Fernando Valley bail bond agency, it just simply happens. Here at Adelante Bail Bonds, our team helps individuals and families sign into Indemnity Agreements and obtain bonds to bail their loved one out of jail. We strongly advise that you speak with a qualified bondsman before making the decision to sign into a binding agreement of this nature.

At our office, all members of the staff are certified and hold a college degree. We can provide you with the detailed answers that you need in a time such as this. The following are some of the most frequently asked questions that our clients bring to us.

What is a bail bond?

A bail bond is essentially a document that guarantees that if a defendant is released from jail, they promise to attend each of their scheduled court appearances or the signer of the agreement must pay the full amount. The price that bail is set at is the price that a person must take out a bond for.

How much does a bond cost?

In the state of California, we are bound by law to charge a set amount on each bond. The standard rate is 10% of the bond, and this is a fixed, non-negotiable rate as stated by the law. If bail was set for $20,000, the bond would cost $2,000. There are discounts on some bonds, however. For those defendants that have already hired a criminal defense lawyer or are an active union member may be able to obtain a bond for 8% instead.

How long does it take to obtain a bond?

To get a bond and have bail posted can take anywhere from a couple hours to around 6 or more hours. On our part, we work quickly to ensure that bail is posted within two hours at the specific jail. This means we will work with you to get your paperwork over the phone and through electronic sources such email and fax. All cases will be different though. In situations in which a person is in custody at the police station, it may take as little as one hour to secure their release.

What are the risks involved?

For an indemnitor, or the person signing the contract, their financial future is at stake. By signing the Indemnity Agreement, they are swearing on behalf of the defendant that the defendant will appear at all court appearances. If the defendant does not show up, also referred to as a skip, then the indemnitor will be responsible to pay the full amount of the agreement. While some bond agencies require individuals to use collateral, such as property, we will do our best to try to work out an agreement that does not require this. However, should you put your home on the line, you may lose your property if the defendant skips.

What is an Indemnity Agreement?

An Indemnity Agreement is the contract in which a person enters when they wish to obtain a bail bond. The indemnitor, or the signer of the agreement, will be held responsible to pay the full amount of the bond if the defendant is released from jail and then later fails to show up for any scheduled court appearances.

To learn more about bail bonds and indemnity agreements, call our office today. We have decades of experience and a compassionate nature to ensure that you feel comfortable trusting one of your most urgent matters to us. Each member of our office is licensed in the state of California and can help answer all of your questions with a free phone call!

Call a San Fernando Valley bail bond agent today to find out more!

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